“We absolutely loved working with Patricia! Our wedding ceremony was one of the aspects of our day that our guests were most complimentary of; many people commented how meaningful our ceremony and our vows were. We ended up selecting the extra option to receive Patricia’s wedding questionnaire, which included questions on characteristics about the other we most loved as well as strengths of our relationship. These questions ended up guiding how we wrote our vows, and we very very thankful to have had the opportunity to reminisce about what first drew us to one another and what we loved most about the other person. One of the reasons we selected Patricia was because of the lovely video she had posted on her website, which really showcases her wonderful stage presence at the altar. And this was very representative of how meaningful her words were on our wedding day. We also enjoyed the numerous examples of ceremonies that Patricia shared with us, which allowed us to truly customize our ceremony to fit our beliefs and values. We also were appreciative to have had multiple chances to speak with her by phone about our ceremony, as well as to meet her in person to review everything leading up to the big day. She was very receptive to any changes we made to the ceremony as we were tweaking things to get the exact wording we wanted along the way. We highly recommend her as an officiant (for any level of spirituality) for your special day!”

Ryan J


“My husband and I were so excited to have found Patricia. We booked her fairly last minute and she was so accommodating, helpful and kind to work with. From initial discussions, to our mini rehearsal, to our wedding day, she was an ease and delight to work with. About 2/3 of the way through our ceremony it started raining unexpectedly, and Patricia hopped to it right away speeding it up so we included all the important stuff and were able to get out of there (fairly) in the knick of time! 😉 We had a blast planning with Patricia and we highly recommend her to any couple looking for an Officiant on the Cape. Thank you, Patricia!”


Katie J


“We can’t imagine anyone making our ceremony more special! Patricia is warm and friendly and has a lovely spirit. Everyone was so impressed with how special our ceremony/vows were and complimented us on how personable and friendly she was to everyone. She made our special day amazingly more special. Thank you Patricia!”

Robert B

“Patricia was nothing short of astounding! One of the most genuine and endearing people we have ever met. She added such a unique touch from the moment we met. Inviting us into her home and walking us through a normally complicated process with such ease was only the beginning. Her calming demeanor put us at ease during the planning process. With her help, we were able to put together a ceremony that kept with tradition, but added a personalized touch. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services. She puts the time in for every couple she meets, while seemingly loving every minute of it. Thanks to her again for being a crucial part of our amazing day!”

Kyle Y




“Reverend Patricia’s ceremony was beautifully written and perfectly executed!! We so appreciate how she contributed to our special day.”


Catherine C

“We were thrilled with Patricia performing our intimate friends and family ceremony. Patricia helped guide us with as much love and compassion as you could hope for on such a special day! She always responded in a timely fashion if we had any questions. On our wedding day, she helped ease our anxiety and gave us a great feeling of calm. We felt like she was giving such spiritual and positive energy! We can’t express enough what a kind and sincere experience Patricia gave us and how happy we were to have her be a part of our love story ! Sincerely,”


Sue and Kevin Sue M

“Choosing Patricia to officiate our wedding was the best decision we could have made. It was very important to my husband and me that our ceremony be personal, and speak to who we are. Patricia took the time to get to know us both individually, and as a couple. She made us feel so comfortable, and you can really tell she cares for each and every couple that she works with. She was always available by phone, email and even met with us face to face at her home months in advance. She made the whole process so simple, guided us when needed, and we always felt we were in good hands. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and many of our guests came up to us afterwards as they were so moved by it. You could truly feel the love that was there. Of course, I was in tears during our vows, which we wrote ourselves, and Patricia was right there with tissues! She really doesn’t miss a beat. We couldn’t have asked for a more caring and compassionate person to be by our sides and deliver such an important aspect of our wedding day. I would choose her again, and again! Thanks, Patricia!”


Lisa W



“Patricia was an absolute pleasure to work with. Living almost 400 miles away from where we planned to get married, we were worried about the logistics of planning the ceremony that we wanted. Patricia was extremely helpful in planning over the phone and via email, and we were able to have a ceremony that we will never forget. As an officiant, her delivery was gracious and put us at ease. We would recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant.”

“Choosing Rev. Patricia Conte-Nelson to officiate our wedding was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. She made our ceremony so special and personal to us; she sent us 14 ceremonies and we could pick and choose pieces from each of them to create our own unique ceremony, as well as change anything or add any readings we wanted to. She was so sweet and accommodating, and her advice leading up to the wedding was personal and heartfelt. I can’t recommend her enough!”


Casey G

“Reverend Patricia was a wonderful ceremony officiant. We contacted her after a Reverend we had booked cancelled on us fairly last-minute, and we were very distraught. Patricia contacted me quickly once I explained to her what had happened to us. I knew she would be the perfect person to officiate our ceremony from the first several minutes of speaking with her on the phone. She is so pleasant, kind, and faithful. I am Catholic and my husband is a non-denominational Christian, so we did want to incorporate religion into our ceremony, which she did perfectly. She took the time to invite us into her home for a private rehearsal, where she reviewed the ceremony with us and gave us time to add/remove different portions. She had my husband Mike and I complete a questionnaire so that she could add “our story” into the ceremony, which our guests LOVED! It was wonderful how she gave us approximately 13 different styles of ceremonies initially to choose from and customize. She tailored the ceremony to fit us perfectly, and it was both unique and special with some traditional aspects. Thank you, Reverend Patricia!! We loved having you and our friends and family thought you were amazing. Reverend Patricia will also help you with obtaining your marriage license at the appropriate time! She reminded us to complete these tasks several weeks before the wedding, which was much less stressful once the wedding date approached. She mailed our completed license in immediately so that we would have this document finalized by the time we returned from our honeymoon. Thanks for being so helpful and thoughtful, Rev. Patricia! I think having you as our officiant was truly meant-to-be!”


Caitlin M


“Patricia was amazing! Her wisdom and grace made the process very special. She was extremely patient with us given our last-minute timeline, and allowed us to customize the ceremony to be exactly what we wanted. 10/10 would recommend!”


Michael A


“We reached out to Patricia on what is probably considered last minute for planning a wedding these days – and she was so wonderful and personal for the entire event. We wanted an intimate ceremony that described who we are as a couple in front of our families. My wife and I are more spiritual than religious, and we envisioned a ceremony to reflect that; but, I’ll back up a bit and start from the beginning. We actually got very lucky to have found Patricia. She made the experience very personal, and made us feel more like a long lost friend than a Reverend about to wed us. The day we met Patricia, she invited us over to her house more so to meet and learn about us more than discuss the details. It was a really great experience. As the weeks went by, Laura and I were given the opportunity to work out all the details of the ceremony. We were given multiple options for readings and vows that were tailored to our own beliefs. Again, making the ceremony very intimate for Laura and me as we spent time together reviewing just what we wanted. Then, of course, we spent time reviewing with Patricia. Let me include that Laura and I both work and have busy schedules like most people, and Patricia was incredibly accommodating with respect to that. I recall one night we were on the phone around 8-8:30 reviewing things. I personally had been married prior and never received that level of involvement, which reinforces how much Patricia genuinely felt dedicated to our union. The big day arrived. As mentioned, a very casual and intimate event. We had around 20+ family members in attendance. Patricia arrived early to set up, and proved to be just as comfortable and outgoing as the day we met her. She didn’t think twice about meeting and greeting all our guests. It wasn’t your standard introductions either – it seemed that she took the time to learn a little bit about our guests. The ceremony was beautiful. Laura and I held hands and faced each other as Patricia presided over us. Let me add that my wife’s child from her first marriage (also our ring bearer) was in the middle of the circle we had created by holding hands. I have to add that he was incredibly well behaved for a toddler! Without going into the specifics of the ceremony we chose – it went beautifully. Laura missed words a few times due to emotions running high, but those are the comical moments that make people laugh and are remembered. For those getting ready to tie knot, don’t blink because the day goes by so fast.  If you’re looking for someone who cares about who you are as individuals, and works with you every step of the way, Reverend Patricia Conte-Nelson will exceed your expectations. If you’re looking for a very personal experience where you’re truly listened to, Patricia provides that and more….. Thanks again Patricia :)”


Laura W


“It was truly perfect. We have gotten so many compliments on our ceremony and really appreciate you making it such a smooth and enjoyable planning process.”

Nicole & Ben Bradford


“We were married on the cape and are so happy we chose Patricia to perform our ceremony. From the beginning she was easy to work with, responsive, flexible and helped us completely customize a ceremony that was unique to us. She made the process extremely easy and our guests are still commenting on how beautiful the ceremony was written and delivered. Thank you Patricia for a job well done and for playing such a big part in our special day! We are forever grateful.”


Megan D


“We found Patricia through The Knot. All of the references and reviews spoke of how personal and touching her services were. The reviews are all true. We spoke with her and read all of the different wedding services that she uses as a baseline. My wife and I had a very nice and simple service that she had written for us and felt it was the perfect representation of what we wanted to have. We met with her at her home and were able to go over the service and do a practice run. The day of the service she was right on time and all set up at the Kelly Chapel. We have step children and wanted them to be a part of the service in some way. Her Children’s Vows brought tears to everyone’s eyes.”


Michael D


“Patricia was really great to work with. She was very warm and kind, making it seem like we had known her for years! Our early morning ceremony (VERY early) was lovely. Patricia handled everything so smoothly that all I had to do was cry. I really appreciate everything she did to make our ceremony unique to us and guide us through the process, despite planning from a distance! Thank you again for making our day perfect!!”


Kelly R



“Rev. Patricia performed our ceremony and did an amazing job. She walked us through our personalized ceremony.  She sent us all the information we could ever need and allowed us to personalize everything and anything. She made me feel at ease at this very stressful time. We were able to change the ceremony at the last minute without any issues due to something last minute that came up. Throughout the months we working with her she always kept in touch to make sure we were doing okay and to see if we needed anything. The ceremony went perfectly, she rejoiced and celebrated with us, showing how passionate she is. And even now she still keeps in contact with us.”


Amanda S


“We simply can’t say enough about Patricia. Our wedding day was the most amazing day of our lives and it was that much more special because of her. So many of our guests talked about how amazing and eloquent our officiant was. On top of how wonderful she made our actual wedding day, working with her leading up to it was an absolute pleasure. Upon meeting Patricia, we both felt like we had known her our whole lives — she is just one of those people. As soon as I spoke with her on the phone in our initial conversation, I knew wholeheartedly that she was the right choice! She really took the time to make sure our ceremony was exactly what we wanted and made it a truly beautiful celebration of our love. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet such a special person and we are forever grateful that we found Patricia!”


Ashley S




“My husband and I had the pleasure of having Patricia officiate our ceremony. As you know, the big day is exciting, but can be overwhelming with all kinds of emotions as the nerves settle in. Patricia made us feel so relaxed, as her presence is so calming. Our ceremony that she helped us create was so beautiful and incorporated everything that we had hoped.  I would highly recommend having Patricia as part of your special day. Thank you so very much!!”


Kaila I



“Rev. Patricia Conte-Nelson was wonderful.  We were truly blessed to find her!”



“Patricia is the most amazing officiant and she is also one of the kindest, most compassionate women I have ever met! We love Patricia and her husband Bob…your search is over you have found the best person for the job!”


Chris D


“Patricia was more than a Minister to my husband and me. When we went to do our walk through with Patricia, we both left feeling so loved. I laughed with Patricia and said I felt like her granddaughter. Patricia took the time to get to know us. My mother is terminally ill and Patricia made a great suggestion on how to pay tribute to our parents, such a wonderful idea! She is very professional and you can tell Patricia truly loves what she does! From start to finish it was more than I could ask for. The ceremony was beautiful and Patricia will continue to be a big part of our lives. We were so blessed to have Patricia as part of our big day. Thank you for everything!!!”


Ashley M



“Thank you for helping us have the beautiful, spiritual ceremony we’ve always wanted. It was such a pleasure working with you! Thank you so much for our angels!”

Lauren & Lucas



“Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the most beautiful ceremony any bride and groom could ever want. We are still receiving compliments on our beautiful ceremony.”

Gabriela & João Moniz




“It was such an intense moment, bathed in so much light and love! All our guests were bowled over by its beauty and simplicity. We feel so blessed that you were our minister for the most special day of our lives.”

Emmanuelle & John C.

“All of our guests raved about how well you did and how they feel you brought a special warmth and sincerity to the day. You made our day very warm and personal, exactly what we wanted.”

Támbia and Marc Furrer



“You not only read and spoke the most beautiful words at our ceremony but they were so meaningful. They were right from your heart and that means the world to us. You touched every person over the weekend. The comments were beautiful. You have a wonderful gift that you share with others! We count our blessings that we found you.”

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Bailey


“We appreciate your special touches to make our ceremony custom made to just what we wanted to convey to one another. You said it with such meaning and grace. Our day wouldn’t have been as perfect without you!”

Kim & Al Fette
Dear Patricia,

“We thank you very much for performing our wedding ceremony and the blessing you gave our family. We hope you continue blessing the marriage of other couples with your insights and sincerity! You delivered the prose, poetry, and readings with caring and thoughtfulness. We hope this letter will serve as reassurance for other couples who are getting married and looking for someone who will bring your special gifts to them. With Love”

Nick & Christen Conte

o1“Patricia married us in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, overlooking the lake of a Cape Cod campground. We met with Patricia in her home some weeks before the big day where we were welcomed warmly. She offered us a wide selection of different ceremonies to choose from including various vows, and encouraged us to make our wedding “our own” by choosing which parts we liked best. It was truly unique to us (she didn’t even bat an eye when we played the Star Wars theme as our recessional). Her guidance and council concerning the wedding and our plans and wishes as a couple were vital to the success of our big day. Her patience and understanding manner even managed to soothe some of my frazzled bride nerves. I am truly grateful to her. Thank you, Patricia. It was a wedding to remember! Our heartfelt thanks.”

Tree & Ken Barr

022“The qualities Patricia embodies as a minister exemplify exceptional presence. Through her ability to truly listen, relate to people, and articulate the essence of those she engages with, she sets the perfect tone for whatever service she is performing whether it is a wedding ceremony, vow renewals, a Christening or a memorial service.”

Steven Albahari, Publisher, 21st Editions



“Our family has been blessed to have Patricia participate in two very special events, our wedding and our daughter’s christening. We chose to have Patricia do these ceremonies because of her wonderful, calm, spiritual nature and her flexibility to really help us make the ceremonies our own. While they were mainly traditional vows, Patricia helped us add our own special poems, our love of the ocean, and those who are special in our lives.”

Lindsey & Dave Hughes


020“Erin and I only recently got our wedding pictures back and have been going through the photos together and reliving that magical weekend. Patricia, thank you so much for being such an important part of our weekend, we are so grateful to have met you and happy that you will always be a part of our lives. All of our love,

Erin & Jay Gaskill



018“We are still on Cloud 9 thinking back to our renewal vows. Thank you so much! I It sure was a very special day for us all, you made it that way. Thank you again.”

Marsha & Ron Wagner

“Our wedding ceremony expressed our personalities perfectly. The vows and the readings and the way Rev. Patricia delivered them came together flawlessly.”

Melody & John Murphy

“What we really appreciate about Rev. Patricia is her attention to detail. The little things, the big things, she wove it all together into a ceremony we will never forget.”

Iris & Jacob Seletsky

“Patricia is an absolute joy to work with! From the moment we first talked on the phone, I knew she would be the perfect fit for our interfaith ceremony. Patricia worked with us to create the perfect ceremony that truly felt unique to us as a couple. She always made herself available throughout the planning process and has continued to keep in touch with us. Even a year after our wedding, my husband and I still get comments about how beautiful our ceremony was. I highly recommend her service!”

Jaime B
Wonderful Officiant!

new-1“Patricia was the officiant at our wedding last year and we were so happy to have her be part of our day. Patricia really took the time to get to know us. During the first screening, Patricia asked lots of questions about us and was genuinely interested in hearing our story. She invited us to her home to meet with her and do a rehearsal. I was a nervous bride and she made me feel comfortable throughout. She ensured that nothing was forced and we only did the parts of the ceremony that were important to us. There was no pressure and good guidance. We wanted a ceremony that was not overly religious, but wanted to respect that we both grew up practicing different Christian denominations. Patricia did a wonderful job of adding just the right amount of spiritual/religious guidance. Patricia was also able to guide us with putting together personalized text for our ceremony and vows. She gave us some guidance and then was extremely flexible in adding in some features that we wanted included in the ceremony. We had changes up until 2 weeks before and she was very reassuring to let us know that everything would work out fine. Patricia was also extremely reasonable in price for the amount of time she spent getting to know us.  I felt that she had out best interest in mind throughout. I would highly recommend having Patricia as your officiant! She provided a great service and is a genuinely wonderful and caring person who will work with you and keep you calm despite the stresses of planning a wedding!”

Chrissy P


new-2Cape Cod Wedding Ceremony

“My wife and I spent months searching for the right Minister to perform our wedding ceremony and feel so lucky to have found Patricia Conte-Nelson. As soon as we spoke with Patricia over the phone we knew our search was over and we found the perfect fit for us. This became even more evident when we met at her house to review the ceremony. Patricia touched us with her sincerity, impressed us with her knowledge and made us smile with her fun loving spirit. Patricia took the time over the phone and in person to get to know us. She worked extensively with us to customize our ceremony to make it just what we wanted in a service. She provided us with lots of options, information and suggestions to help us design the perfect ceremony. Patricia handled the ceremony like a pro, yet it was obvious she cared about us. It was a very personal service that she handled with the utmost professionalism. We had so many compliments on the service and the wonderful job Patricia did on the ceremony. If you want a professional, sincere, caring and friendly Minister to perform your ceremony, then I can’t recommend Patricia enough. We are so happy we did.”


014Heartfelt Officiant

“We wanted to get married on the beach and this was our second marriage. It was very important that the officiant provided a spiritual component to our ceremony and that we felt blessed. We were very blessed to have Patricia available to officiate our ceremony. She was very professional and has a great system in place to help the bride and groom pick the perfect ceremony for their special occasion. There is a lot of work that is required for the ceremony, but Patricia made it very easy. There was a heartfelt connection with Patricia and it made for a beautiful ceremony. Everyone who attended said it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies that they have attended. I thank Patricia for making a special day, exceptional.”

Kathy V


012“Patricia officiated our wedding on July 17th. She is a very warm and welcoming person. Upon first talking with her we immediately felt comfortable and knew that she was the officiant for us. She helped us make our wedding ceremony exactly what we wanted it to be. She sent many examples of others that we could use parts of for our own. She made the process very easy. I would highly recommend Patricia to anyone looking for a wedding officiant. She was professional and kind. She put us at ease when we met with her right before the wedding and told us everything we would need to do so we were not nervous. Our guests raved about the ceremony and what a great job Patricia did!”

Kristen W


If you want a personal ceremony, choose Patricia!

new-3“My husband and I were so grateful we found Patricia. She came as a recommendation from another Reverend and we’re so lucky she was available for us. Patricia genuinely takes the time to get to know you and during our face to face meeting offered wonderful advice we will carry with us throughout our marriage. She is always available and even invited us to contact her after our wedding day if we ever need advice or just to talk. She made us feel so comfortable and ready for our wedding day. I can’t even tell you how many compliments my parents and I heard about how unique and personal the ceremony was. Our guests were really impressed. Patricia will help you customize your ceremony into whatever you dream it will be!

For the weeks leading up to our outdoor wedding on the Cape, I was filled with emotions of love and loss. Through it all Reverend Patricia was a calming force with multiple phone calls and a memorable visit. She really took the time to help us put together a ceremony that best suited us by asking questions and offering many readings. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and watched our wedding video for the first time. It was not only a wonderful reminder of the love, faith, and friendship that we share as husband and wife but how Reverend Patricia was thoughtful, kind and generous. We feel fortunate that she was a very important part of our day.”


Teresa Hebb
 019Wedding officiant

“Rev. Patricia Conte-Nelson performed an excellent service during our recent wedding ceremony. Before the wedding day, Patricia provided my husband and I with numerous ceremony options and ideas to choose from. She provided enough meeting time and phone conversation time to prepare for this big day. I would recommend Patricia to anyone looking to get married on Cape Cod. She did a great job!”


Kristen S


new-4The Perfect Day

“We honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more genuine or pleasant person to work with than Patricia. From the moment we spoke with her on the phone we knew we liked her and she was exactly who we were looking for. She worked with us to customize our ceremony and make it “ours.” She put all our worries at ease and helped us have the most perfect ceremony on the beach. Every person that attended our intimate little gathering commented that it was the most beautiful ceremony they have ever seen. Thanks for the Perfect Day!

From the moment we spoke to Patricia over the phone, we knew we made a great decision. She guided us through the process of our ceremony and wrote the perfect ceremony that was unique to us as a couple. She is extremely kind and sweet, and a true pleasure to work with. As we had our ceremony on the beach, Patricia was the leader of our rehearsal since the venue’s planner was not involved. Everything was organized and went perfectly. We thank Patricia for making our day amazing.

Nikki C